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EndWar sequel in development, says Ubi

Original officially not better than Halo Wars.

Ubisoft's Michael De Plater has revealed a sequel to voice-controlled RTS EndWar is on the way.

He told Videogamer the game is being worked on at Ubisoft Shanghai, just like its predecessor, but by "a smaller team". This time around there will be more emphasis on the single-player storyline and the contrast between factions.

"Giving more attention to the single-player is straightforward to address and will make the game a lot of fun," De Plater said.

"Changing the way the combat chain works, the paper, scissors, rock, and adding the differentiation between the three factions, again it’s not something that’s even necessarily hard to do; it’s something that we chose not to do with the accessibility."

According to De Plater, "We’ve solved lots of the hardest problems, which are accessibility, camera, controls, rendering that many characters, having that game work in 3D, our online as well, having persistent campaigns, having persistent player armies, so we’ve kind of done the hard stuff. There’s a really clear path forward there."

The Ubi exec went on to reveal that 1.5 million copies of EndWar were sold, making it the biggest RTS in recent years apart from Halo Wars. So when's the sequel out?

"I couldn’t put a time on it. Basically the thing is stepping back and looking at, in particular those two issues that we can address, and wait and see," De Plater said.

In the meantime, read our review of EndWar to find out why it deserved 7/10.

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