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EA lambasts Donald Trump for using Mass Effect audio in campaign ad

UPDATE: Video removed due to copyright violation.

UPDATE 11.16pm 4th April 2016: As predicted, the ad in question has now been removed from Donald Trump's Twitter account due to a copyright strike.

ORIGINAL STORY 9.06pm 4th April 2016: EA has responded to Donald Trump after he used copyrighted audio from Mass Effect 2's trailer in a campaign ad.

"We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns," the video game publisher told GameInformer after Trump retweeted the video in question.

By all accounts the promo was not an official ad paid for by Trump, but the presidential candidate still retweeted it from his official account.

Naturally, the video was met with a flurry of criticism, including from Mass Effect 3 gameplay designer Manveer Heir, who tweeted: "TFW Donald Trump retweets campaign propaganda that uses music and voiceover from a game you worked on #gross."

He then followed it with: "I love the idea that Trump may think he's the Illusive Man, who is verifiably the bad guy in the game."

It's hard to tell if the video is sincere or not, but based on the Twitter account of its creator, immigrant4trump, it seems like it's an earnest promotion. "WOW, Got Retweeted By Donald Trump, Thanks! Lets Make America Great Again!" he boasted.

The video in question has already been removed from YouTube. As of writing this, it is still visible via Trump's tweet.

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