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EA: FIFA 10 Wii will work online

Disconnection issues a thing of the past.

EA Sports has declared that FIFA 10 on Wii should not suffer from the same disconnection problems that afflicted its predecessor.

"The disconnect issues with FIFA 09 Wii were a result of an error in the code," EA's Sid Misra told the official forum.

"We have made a lot of changes in the tools and processes we use to test online, all to ensure that FIFA 10 online is a better experience than you guys were even hoping for."

What's more, said Misra, the goal was simple: "if you and your opponent have decent internet connections, then the game should play as well online as offline and you should be able to complete the games."

EA's hoping it's achieved that, and to try and back that up Misra talks about a recent multiplayer playtest that included gamers in the UK, Spain, Canada, USA (Florida and California), Romania, India and Singapore, which finished with a completion rate of 95 per cent.

"Makes me giddy - cause we're not even done yet! We can still improve upon that!" Misra explained triumphantly.

FIFA 10 for Wii is due out with all the others on its newly confirmed 2nd October release date.

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