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Destiny: The Taken King - Bannerfall, Crossroads, Exile, Frontier

Essential strategies for surviving longer and taking more scalps in the first four maps introduced with Destiny's The Taken King expansion.

With three new subclasses, new weapon types and perks, plus two original gameplay modes added, there's a fair bit to get on top of as a fan of Destiny's player-versus-player content. With that mind mind, we thought we'd put together a quick guide to get you up to speed with the basics, and gain a bit of an upper hand on the battlefield.

While Guardians are still familiarizing themselves with the subclass perks, there are opportunities to mention these too. Some of the tricks we mention are also transferrable to the game's previous 17 including all DLC. Although Rift and Mayhem descriptions could occupy another guide, it's worth briefly pointing out that the emphasis is now placed on teamwork and super support, as reflected in the new Crucible Bounties.


This is a real Rift favourite, owing to the wide-open central area, flanked by corridors and gates ,through which a long line-of-sight is provided for picking off campers on raised walkways. We've found this is to be the scout-rifle's domain above all others, since things rarely resort to a shotgun skirmish.

Regarding the new subclass Supers, a Titan Sunbreaker's Hammer of Sol wreaks havoc in closed spaces, forcing a Spark Runner's route through the middle. Lightning from a Stormcaller Warlock's Stormtrance can send defenders scurrying into the traps laid by Nightstalker Hunter's Voidwall grenade.

In Clash, the kills keep coming if a small unit can hold the 'storage' passageway accessed from the courtyard. Always look before committing to shortcuts via the stairwells, so as to pre-empt and prevent rather embarrassing one-shot deaths.


A Bladedancer Hunter's paradise is located on the island that's separated from the main area in the centre of this map - and you're wise to avoid this spot in Clash. Also, you're risking your life using the “man cannons” that propel you over there like a a human clay pigeon.

The Vex corridors are reminiscent of Pantheon from The Dark Below, and in Crossroads you'll find yourself constantly checking corners. Where things differ this time around is that the tightly-packed pillared rooms don't allow for snipers to wait for targets to just come strolling into their sights. This layout forces constant movement on the part of all players, and rewards the use of precautionary grenades.

Crossroads is one of two maps that houses Vex teleportation gates which allow confident players to draw aggro from the enemy team for a while, pick off guys that rush their position on the outskirts of the map, then zip over to another zone in order to repeat the routine. Unlike the quite remote portals on Vertigo, in Crossroads they're in busier areas, so be aware that you're likely to emerge into a crossfire - suicidal in Rumble.


This maze-like map encourages players to find creative routes towards their targets, and know exactly how to escape from trouble fast. This is especially true during Rift and Control matches. Accuracy with hand cannons is rewarded in the snaking passageways of this map, while auto-rifle fire pummels careless players that dash from their confines onto the linking platforms.

Gunslinger Hunters will have a field day here. Likewise, old-school Voidwalker Warlocks can capitalise on the lower catacomb level, dropping Void grenades down the holes, or Novabombing the ramp in the middle of the map.

You can also spray and pray with rockets in the antechambers if you can stay alive long enough to let loose. More respectable face-offs take place by the window with its fine views of outer space - there's strength in numbers here.


Frontier is memorable for the bridge which spans the divide between two teams, and where the Spark generates during games of Rift. Many players tend to ignore the convenient shortcut just beneath the bridge, which also doubles as a sneaky place from which to open fire on players transitioning by leaping over the ravine, assuming - wrongly - that they've avoided attention from the bridge.

You're most likely taking that Raid fusion rifle for a test run in the enclosed areas on one end of the map, where there are lots of places to seek cover among the cargo crates and beside the trains. It's also fun to use the curved terrain to peak around or above your position, and benefit from the sloping graduated drop offs while moving back and forth. Although much tinier by comparison, Frontier is the most Battlefield-like map there is in the game.

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- Mastering the Crucible will come in handy for completing Destiny Moments of Triumph Year 2.

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