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Deltarune Chapter 2 - Genocide route: How to complete weird route and defeat Spamton NEO explained

Isn't this what friends are for?

The Genocide route - also known as the Weird or Snowgrave route - is the hidden route in Deltarune Chapter 2.

Unlocking this route involves completing a number of specific steps, but, if you decide to wander away from the world of ethics, there's some interesting plot implications and a battle against Spamton NEO waiting for you.

Below you'll discover how to start and complete the Geoncide route in Deltarune Chapter 2 - just be aware that this page is full of spoilers!

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How to start the Genocide route in Deltarune Chapter 2

To start the Genocide route, also known as the Werid or Snowgrave route, in Deltarune Chapter 2 you have to wait until you've teamed up with Noelle in the Cyber City.

You can start the Genocide route once Noelle joins your party.

Unlike Undertale, you don't have to kill every enemy you encounter before this point, but you can if you really want that murder vibe. Though, no matter which route you decide to take, you will never be able to kill Sweet Cap'n Cakes.

We recommend stocking up on healing items from Sweet Cap'n Cakes at their shop in the Cyber Field before starting the Snowgrave route, because, once you've started walking down this path, the shop in Cyber Shop won't be open.

You can buy CD Bagels from their shop.

It's also a good idea to complete the normal route for Deltarune Chapter 2 first, so you already know the layout of Cyber City.

Genocide route in Deltrarune Chapter 2 explained

Your first step to completing the Genocide route, also called the Weird or Snowgrave route, in Deltarune Chapter 2 is to backtrack to the Trash Field - the first area you visited in Cyber City. Noelle will comment on how you're heading the wrong way, but ignore her and continue on.

Choices don't matter after all.

Upon leaving the area where you team up with Noelle, you'll encounter a Virovirokun and it's here where the Genocide route truly begins.

This route's first twist is that it's not Kris who will be doing the murdering, but Noelle. To achieve this, we recommend making Kris defend in every turn or every match, because this will give you the TP required for Noelle's Iceshock spell.

Rise your TP, so Noelle can use Iceshock.

Noelle must use Iceshock on every enemy you encounter until they're frozen solid and the fight ends. The enemy will then be frozen on the overworld screen too, helping you keep track of which ones you've encountered.


The Genocide route will be aborted if you defeat any enemy using Kris or spare them, so it's best to have Noelle as your sole fighter.

We also recommend visiting the Equip menu, removing Noelle's Silver Watch and reequipping it onto Kris. Doing so will unlock some interesting dialogue later one, so don't remove it!

Remember to give Kris the Silver Watch.

When you return to the area where Susie and Ralesi left, you'll find a Poppups hiding beneath a cone. Continuing on, past the trash pile you landed in, you'll find another Virovirokun and a Werewire. You can, from some additional dialogue, try to enter Spamton's shop, but this isn't required.

Back track to find all of the enemies.

With these enemies frozen solid, return to the area where you first met Noelle. Along the way, you'll encounter an Ambyu-Lane on the first road and a Tasque on the second.

You will still have to solve the first mouse puzzle, but the solution remains the same as a normal route through Deltarune Chapter 2 - push the block down once and then to the right.

Where to place the block for the first mouse puzzle.

With this puzzle completed, continue on through the city, using Noelle to freeze the two Ambyu-Lance you encounter. You will then reach two more roads - on one you'll find a Virovirokun and a Werewire on the other.

After crossing these roads, you'll reach the area continuing the Ferris Wheel billboard. First, however, Noelle needs to freeze the Virovirokun and Ambyu-Lane. With these enemies trapped in freezing torment, you can now interact with the billboard and, when prompted, select 'I will ride with you' and 'Noelle will ride with me.'

Choose these dialogue options.

Next, visit the shopkeeper on the right-hand side of this area; make sure you've frozen all of the enemies in this area first though. When talking to the shopkeeper, select the correct dialogue prompts, because, if you don't, the Genocide route will be aborted.

Talk to the shopkeeper and, when the time comes, select the option 'We're something else.' Once this conversation ends, try to walk away from the shopkeeper to make him offer you the FreezeRing. Now you simply need to repeatedly select 'Get it' when prompted, until Noelle does as she's told.

The FreezeRing will now be in your Weapons Inventory and, before progressing further, you need to visit the Equip menu to replace Noelle's SnowRing with the FreezeRing.

Equip the FreezeRing the moment Noelle gets it for you.

Next, continue on through the city and, when the option arises, select the dialogue option, 'It's natural.'

In the next area, you'll encounter a set of Tasques who will try to run away from you. Hunt them down. Other enemies will now try to avoid Kris and Noelle, but they're all easy to catch.

In the section of the city past the save point, you'll find a Werewire on the topmost path and another Virovirokun in the bottom corner near the chest.

Find these enemies and freeze them.

After leaving this area, you'll find yourself at the last two roads in Cyber City. If you've been following the Snowgrave route correctly, then there won't be any cars on the road, allowing you to explore them freely.

The first thing you need to do in this area is freeze the Ambyu-Lances on the first road and the Virovirokun, including the Tasques in this fight, on the second. After this, head to the bottom of the second road where you'll find an alleyway on the left-hand side of the road.

Head down this alleyway.

Walking to the very end of this alleyway will bring you to a dead-end and a dumpster. Interacting with the dumpster will lead to a mysterious voice informing you of how many enemies are left to be frozen in Cyber City.

If you've been following the Snowgrave route correctly, the voice will tell you that there are four enemies left. If this number is higher, then you need to do some backtracking to find the enemies you've been missing.

Keep the location of this dumpster in mind, because you'll be returning to it later. For now, however, you need to continue moving through the city.

The next area contains the second mouse puzzle and Noelle will helpfully solve it for you as long as you keep selecting 'Proceed.'

Beyond this puzzle you'll encounter two sets of Maice, which, like all proceeding them, need to be frozen.

Noelle will solve the next puzzle without prompting and, in the area beyond it, you'll find a Poppup hiding beneath a trashcan in the top right-hand corner. The last enemies which need defeating are the Poppups in the bottom left-hand corner.

Find the final Poppups.

With these enemies defeated, you now need to head back to that dumpster and select 'Yes' twice to receive the ThornRing. Next, head into the Equip menu and give Noelle the ThornRing, before travelling forward through Cyber City until you reach Berdly.

When talking to Berdly, make sure you select 'Proceed,' because the other option will abort the Genocide route.

Like in a normal run of Deltarune Chapter 2, you'll now find yourself in a fight with Berdly. It's important to note that, due to the ThornRing, Noelle's health will drop throughout the fight, but it should stop at 55.

For this fight, you need to reach 100 TP, which is done by having both Kris and Noelle defend and grazing Berdly's attacks. Don't worry if this takes you several turns!

Try to graze some of Berdly's attacks.

Once you've reached 100 TP, select the Snowgrave spell from Noelle's magic menu. She will, at first, refuse to use the move, but keep on selecting it until she relents!

Congratulations - you've now well and truly set on the Genocide route! Now you can enjoy the changes you've wrought upon yourself...

Spamton NEO in Deltarune Chapter 2 explained

Walking down the Genocide route in Deltarune Chapter 2 not only changes your relationship with Noelle, but your journey through the Queen's Castle as well.

Unlike the normal route, you'll begin this journey in the foyer of the castle, but the butler's cafe and the majority of the staircases will be blocked. Though you can head down the right-hand corridor for some additional dialogue.

You still need to reach the top of the castle, so head up the open stairwell and explore the open floors. Along the way, you'll encounter new enemies called Pipis, which will attack you once and, in doing so, destroy themselves. You will also have a mandatory fight with Mauswheel and Tasque Manager, alongside two Tasques. There is also an optional fight with a Werewerewire.


The Genocide route culminates with a tough boss battle against Spamton NEO, so make sure you stock up on CD Bagels before the fight.

It's impossible to spare Spamton NEO, so you need to defeat him through violence. The best way to do this is to spend your TP on X-Slash, which can be found in the Acts menu and deals more damage than a regular attack. Alongside X-Slash, you'll find FriedPipis which restores 120 HP and is great for emergency heals.

During Spamton NEO's attacks, your heart will turn yellow and you'll be able to shoot bullets from it. Holding down the Z button will also allow you to charge bigger, more powerful, bullets - a big shot one could say.

Don't you want to be a big shot?

In each attack round you use the bullets to fight off Spamton NEO - this could be destroying incoming Pips, pushing back Spamton NEO in his phone form or destroying the blue floating versions of his face before they attack you.

These bullets can also be used to destroy Spamton NEO's nose, eyes and mouth when he attacks you face on, which will make a later attack round far easier to complete.

When Spamton NEO is down to 10% health, he'll raise his defence to such a degree it will make attacking pointless. Instead, you need to head the attack menu and call upon your various party members five times until one arrives to help you.

If you're having trouble defeating Spamton NEO and playing Deltarune Chapter 2 on either PC or Mac, there is, thankfully, a glitch you can exploit.

By holding down X and pressing Enter, you'll be able to continuously fire the Big Shot without having to charge it. Toby Fox has been very kind to us and not disabled this glitch, but has, with the 1.06 patch, allowed Spamton NEO to fume when this glitch has been activated. An act which will cause the damage you receive from him to increase.

He's fuming.

Luckily, this increased damage will reset if you lose the fight, so you can always use this glitch to scout Spamton NEO's attack patterns before defeating him on your own terms.

Once Spamton NEO is defeated, you'll be returned to Hometown. Certain things, however, will be different thanks to you completing a genocide route - we recommend checking in with Berdly and visiting Rudolph in the hospital.

Hope the Genocide route is an experience.

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