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Dark Sector PC dropped

Simultaneous PS3/360 launch.

Digital Extremes' next-gen shooter Dark Sector won't be appearing on PC after all, according to project lead Steve Sinclair.

"We're going to be simultaneous launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360," the developer told GameSpot in a recent interview. At around the same time, the game's official website lost its "PC" badge, leaving PS3 and 360 logos to stand alone.

Dark Sector, which was first unveiled in 2004, has certainly undergone some changes since its first trailer. Back then it looked like a game about a ninja in space. Now it sees a CIA cleaner entering a fictional part of Russia where a biological weapon experiment has gone a bit wrong, before he becomes infected and develops superhuman abilities (with which he obviously gets to smash people in the face).

Sinclair plays up this angle. "It's a shooter with a little twist of Zelda put in there, and the origin story of a superhero," he says - the Zelda bit referring to the manner in which gameplay trends will shift as the player's infection develops.

As for when it's out: "We're working on Dark Sector to be released around this time next year," he says. The interview was published on 8th December, and the game website lists it as "Fall 2007". In other words, you can probably expect to be reading about how it plays as we kick back in after the next holiday they allow me to take.

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Dark Sector

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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