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Co-op puzzler Tiny Brains will be a PS4 launch title

Simultaneously coming to PS3 and PC.

Co-op action puzzler Tiny Brains is set to be a launch title for PlayStation 4, publisher 505 Games has announced.

This means it will be out on 29th November in Europe and 15th November in North America. Additionally, it will launch on PS3 and PC the same day as its next-gen counterpart.

Tiny Brains marks the debut of Montreal-based indie outfit Spearhead Games, a team comprised of former Ubisoft and EA staff who worked on Assassin's Creed 3 and Dead Space 3.

I played a spot of Tiny Brains at PAX Prime earlier this year, where I rather enjoyed a mini-game where four players have to work together to push a ball through a giant glass tube without letting it fall into a series of holes. Each animal has a different superpower to help with this. The Bat can push the ball with its force ability, the Gerbil can create temporary walls of ice to prevent the sphere from sliding back, the Rat can use its powers of teleportation to switch place with the ball, and the Hamster's telekinesis can realign the rolling responsibility. Each character's ability takes a few second to recharge so all players must work together to try to set a new high score in the endless chamber.

See what I'm talking about at 12:10 in the video below, or watch the rest to see what the campaign's stages look like.

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