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Capcom denies Okami Wii report

Nothing planned, it says.

Capcom UK has denied that it plans to do a Nintendo Wii version of Okami, despite our old friend Internet Reports getting up to his usual tricks.

"There are no plans for Okami on Wii at this time," a spokesperson told Eurogamer today, expressing some bemusement at the suggestion.

That's obviously a reflection of the fact that, well, Clover Studio is dead and gone, and it was Clover's game. Capcom's representatives suggested this put a bit of a stopper on the rumour.

Whether it does or not may depend on how the game does on the PlayStation 2, for which it launched in Europe last week to rave (and raving) reviews.

At the present time, it hasn't made much of an impact on the charts, appearing at number 17 this week in the UK All-Formats Top 40.

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