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C&C3 PC demo out now

Single-player taster given nod.

Invading areas for valuable resources has never been so much reckless fun, and now you can participate as EA has finally released a single-player PC demo of Command & Conquer 3.

Included in the taster is a tutorial as well as two full missions, which include classic live action video sequences featuring top-notch voice actors such as Michael "Sam Fisher" Ironside and even Sawyer from Lost. You'll even be able to watch a montage trailer showing the thespians dramatically wording-off.

One skirmish map is also included, and will feature varying difficulty settings for people like me, who often forget what game they're playing and do silly things because of it.

There are various ways to get hold of the demo, which is just over a gig in size. You can go directly to EA's servers, or alternatively follow our magical biscuit trail for other options. Wherever you go, expect a pretty hefty queue.

The perfect time to catch up with our first impressions, then, or plan a lunchtime escape plan.

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