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Braid for PC by March 2009

Slips forward in time.

A PC version of sumptuous platform-puzzler Braid will be with us between February and March 2009.

A late 2008 release was originally planned, according to the game's blog, but avoiding the holiday onslaught of power-titles seemed to make sense.

The post also says talks are ongoing about a Mac version, which, if they're fruitful, would launch not long after the PC offering.

As for PS3, the future remains uncertain; Braid creator Jonathan Blow is keen, but has heard nothing from Sony.

Braid launched on Xbox Live Arcade during a strong August line-up, but still managed to be the brightest gem in the digital box.

With a hand painted look, time-manipulation mechanic and tinkling musical accompaniment, this puzzling platformer commanded top marks from Eurogamer. You, our readers, have just voted the game as your eighth favourite of the entire year.

Head over to our Braid review to find out more.

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