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Battlefield 5 gets its battle royale mode March 2019


Battlefield 5 gets its battle royale mode March 2019, DICE has announced.

In a post on EA's website, DICE said Firestorm, Battlefield 5's battle royale mode, kicks off as part of new content coming to the game during spring 2019 - four months after the World War 2 shooter launches proper.

Firestorm, which is developed in part by UK studio Criterion, includes a shrinking battlefield, vehicles and destruction.

DICE outlined its planned post-launch roadmap today, signalling the new content coming to Battlefield 5 as part of its live service, dubbed Tides of War.

Tides of War kicks off around two weeks after Battlefield 5 comes out in November with the Panzerstorm map, and single-player mission The Last Tiger (the one that lets you play from the German perspective).

At some point between early December and January, DICE will add the initial iteration of Practice Range to Battlefield 5.

"A seat of learning or just messing around, this area will contain trials to work on your shooting, driving, and flying," DICE explained.

"Based on the Hamada map, this is an environment that can't kill you - until someone finds the Friendly Fire button, that is."

Vehicle customisation, which includes items such as tank skins, begins during this period.

Then, at some point during the period January to March, Battlefield 5 gets co-op Combined Arms and two game modes: a revamped Rush and Squad Conquest.

Then, starting in March, Battlefield 5 gets the aforementioned Firestorm and the Greece map.

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