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Oli is the editor of Eurogamer.net and likes to take things one word at a time. His friends call him The European, but that's just a coincidence. He's still playing Diablo 3.

VideoCatch up with yesterday's EGX Rezzed developer sessions

Mirror's Edge, Dying Light, Divinity, Firewatch, VR, and the EG podcast!

FeatureIn Play: Scratch that pitch

How Dirt Rally, Quantum Break and Enter the Gungeon sell themselves with titles alone.

FeaturePlayStation VR has the right price - and the right attitude

Sony takes the road less travelled in search of VR's killer app.

FeatureThe moment Diablo - and the action-RPG genre - were born

"I remember taking the mouse. And I clicked on the mouse."

VideoThe miniature mysteries of Below

How Capybara is mixing roguelikes and Zelda to brilliant effect.

PodcastThe Eurogamer Podcast & Friends: GDC 2016 special

Shut Up & Sit Down and Rock, Paper, Shotgun join us in San Francisco.

FeatureIn Play: The trouble with building games to last

Hitman, The Division, and video games' war with time.

Eurogamer is hiring

We're looking for a Guides Editor and Guides Writer.

FeatureIn Play: There's a kind of diversity that games excel at

Scattershooting in Superhot, Far Cry Primal and the rest of this week's releases.

FeatureIn Play: Games' relationship with nature is weird

Escaping to - or from - the great outdoors in Firewatch, Unravel and Dying Light.

Gravity Rush Remastered review

Upside down, inside out, round and round.

Eurogamer says farewell to Dan Whitehead

Four editors pay tribute to our most prolific reviewer.

The Crew: Wild Run review

American idle.

FeatureEurogamer's PS2 emulation wishlist

And a bit of a family squabble.

Invisible, Inc. is brilliant, and free on Steam this weekend

Plus Don't Starve, Mark of the Ninja, all Klei's other games.

How Twitch viewers can change your Rise of the Tomb Raider game

You can earn credits just for watching, too.

Rise of the Tomb Raider review

Plunder the influence.

EGX Rezzed 2016 tickets on sale now

Join us at Tobacco Dock, London, 7th-9th April 2016.

FeatureUncharted: Remastered, revisited, reassessed

Playing the Nathan Drake Collection.

VideoShu's personal history of PlayStation - and the rest of Saturday's EGX sessions

Also starring Uncharted, Hitman and Prison Architect.

VideoWatch Valve's Chet Faliszek on VR - and the rest of today's EGX sessions

Total War: Warhammer, Hellblade and VR game The Assembly.

RecommendedForza Motorsport 6 review

Once more with fuelling.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

From the archive: Going out with a bang.

EGXEGX 2015: Play 20 minutes of the new Homefront

There'll be a dev session, too.

Pixels: the Eurogamer review

Pac-Man will eat himself.

Blizzard Gamescom 2015 media briefing live report

New Hearthstone cards, new heroes and maps for Heroes and Overwatch, new mode for StarCraft 2. All the news as it happened.

FeatureLooking to the Horizon: how Guerrilla moved on

Dutch studio's next is filled with promise, robots and loot.

EGX 2015: The Division playable, $100k CS: GO tournament

New Assassin's and Rainbow Six are also Brum-bound.

FeatureShuhei Yoshida on saving The Last Guardian and PS4 in Japan

And "the morning after" that press conference.

FeatureOculus Touch is the gold standard in VR control

Hands-on with the sensational E3 demo.

FeatureThe Last Guardian emerges from hibernation, unchanged

And it seems there's still a way to go.

FeatureNostalgia and experiment meet in Star Fox Zero

Co-developed with Platinum Games.

FeatureMicrosoft's difficult choice at E3 2015

Will Phil Spencer try to save Xbox One, or push for the cross-platform future?

FeatureCheating death in Diablo 3's Hardcore mode

And how Blizzard fixed its dungeon-crawler by breaking it.

Spotify app launches today, exclusive to PlayStation "for the foreseeable"

It's probably on your PS4 already. Here's what it does.

VideoVideo: Introducing The Eurogamer Show, weekly on Fridays

This week: Valve, virtual reality and coffins.

FeatureValve's astounding SteamVR solves big problems - and poses bigger questions

Now that the VR dream is real, what do we do with it?

Editor's blog: We've revised our editorial policy

Now covers Gamer's Edition, new review system, retailer links.

Editor's blog: So, we do best games lists now

Kicking off with today's best of Wii U.

Eurogamer readership survey 2015

Tell us who you are and what you think about things like reviews, video and subscriptions.

Live from 4pm: Q&A with Eurogamer's editor

Oli Welsh answers your questions about review scores and more.

Eurogamer has dropped review scores

New policy also puts matching the user experience first.

Editor's blog: Introducing Eurogamer's new video team

Johnny Chiodini and Chris Bratt join Ian and Aoife.

Editor's blog: Merry Christmas!

We'll be back next year, but stick around for our games of 2014.

Editor's blog: Introducing the columnists

Regular opinion from Rich Stanton, Cara Ellison, Jon Blyth and David Goldfarb.

Editor's blog: Aoife Wilson joins Eurogamer

(It's pronounced ee-fa.) Plus: promotions!

FeatureDon't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year

Microsoft is steadily salvaging its reputation - but it's been far from a painless process.

FeatureWho needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

It was the console that could do no wrong - but software was another matter.

Is Overwatch related to Blizzard's failed MMO Titan?

"There are things from Titan in Overwatch, but…"

We cannot let this become gaming culture

Organised abuse and threats of mass murder: this is the legacy of GamerGate.

VideoCatch up on all of Friday's EGX developer sessions

Well, almost! The Division, Nuclear Throne, Battlefield: Hardline and more.

VideoCatch up on all of day one's EGX developer sessions

Alien, Total War, Dragon Age and more, all archived on EGXTV on YouTube.

EGXCreate a video at EGX, win tickets for life

Disclaimer: EGX may not run for your entire lifetime, but we'll do our best.

RecommendedDestiny review

Fate out of ten.

Editor's blog: About the Destiny review

With no early access, we'll be reviewing from live servers - and taking our time.

VideoVideo: Is the world ready for virtual reality?

Gav Murphy hits the streets of London to find out.

FeatureSnake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

The Tomb Raider deal dominated headlines, but Metal Gear's move onto Steam is the true harbinger.

BioWare Austin unveils four-on-one online RPG Shadow Realms

Modern fantasy setting, episodic storyline, PC next year.

Ruffian Games returns with co-op action game Hollowpoint

First PS4 game in Sony's partnership with Paradox.

Frontier returns to rollercoasters with ScreamRide for Xbox One

Exclusive game looks like Rollercoaster Tycoon in the future - with destruction.

Halo 5: Guardians beta runs three weeks from December 29th

Plus: Halo Channel and Halo 2 Sanctuary map remake announced.

Quantum Break gameplay footage debuts at Gamescom

Watch Remedy's latest in action.

Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

Microsoft snaps up Lara's return in holiday 2015. Does not appear to be timed.