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Eurogamer veteran Ellie Gibson is doing a 12-hour stream for charity

Go lend her your support!

If you've been reading this site for a while, you probably remember Ellie Gibson. Ellie was our funniest writer and most, er, unpredictable interviewer until she left to spend more time with her family (and her comedy career).

Now part of the parenting comedy duo Scummy Mummies, Ellie is also the world's most middle-aged Twitch streamer. Today - right now in fact - she's streaming for 12 hours in support of two charities close to her heart: the Borne Charity, which funds life-saving research into the causes and prevention of premature birth, and Women's Aid. Ellie and her comedy partner Helen Thorn will also be running the London Marathon in support of those charities this year.

Another friend of the site, Guardian games editor Keza Macdonald, will be joining Ellie alongside Helen and others in today's marathon stream.

Ellie provided me with some "exclusive" quotes for this story by email, like the big deal she is. I present them without comment.

"I am very excited to host my first every charity stream. It is a great honour to be joined by Britain's second most influential female games journalist, plus the number two parenting comedian in the country."

"I am hoping people will dig deep and contribute to our fantastic charities. I am grateful to have already received a very generous donation from Electronic Arts, which proves they are great humanitarians, just like me."

"I am prepared for the huge challenge ahead. It's the most daunting task I've ever undertaken, and I know it will take blood, sweat and tears to make it through. But at least I only have to play Dark Souls with Keza for three hours. And after that, I'm sure running 26 miles will seem like a piece of piss."

Ellie will be streaming until midnight in the below embed and at twitch.tv/elliegibsongames; there's a schedule posted below, too. I'm sure she would love to see some old Eurogamer friends join her in the chat. Please consider lending her your support, and donating to the charities at the Scummy Mummies fundraising page.

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