Black Friday 4K TV deals 2020

Looking for the best 4K deals this Black Friday? Look no further at these early offers

Whether you've just upgraded to a next-gen console and want to show off its full potential - or want something for your PS4 or Xbox One - here's our look at some of the best Black Friday 4K TVs deals you can buy right now.

Having now launched their next-gen consoles, Sony and Microsoft are offering quite the hefty proposal with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, both offering native 4K support with up to 120fps performance. They're packing some powerful specifications usually reserved for high-end PC gaming, which isn't exempt either as Nvidia's new graphics cards are also on their way.

Meanwhile, video services like Disney+ and Netflix have been offering 4K streaming for some time but if you haven't got an appropriate 4K TV to go with them all, many of these benefits will be lost.

You'll want to take full advantage of just what's on offer and thankfully, Black Friday has timed up nicely with their releases this year. It doesn't actually begin until November 27th but like your local supermarket selling Christmas items in September, that never stops retailers from getting a headstart.

On this page:

Deals are going live and while going outside for bargains isn't something we'd recommend at all currently, this page has you covered for the best Black Friday 4K TV offers.

If you're looking for the console to pair with your TV, you can browse through our guides to the best PS4 Black Friday deals and top Xbox Black Friday offers right here. There's even our hopeful hunt for PS5 Black Friday bargains, though we don't expect to find any this early.


Early Black Friday 4K TV Deals

We're days away at this point and there's a good selection of deals live. If you're itching to get that new TV now, here's the best offers we've seen so far.

In the UK:

The LG CX OLED boasts impressive contrast, low input lag and pixel response times and support for the latest technologies - such as the HDMI 2.1 standard that allows 4K 120Hz HDR gameplay. The 55-inch CX has been reduced by £400 at various retailers to its lowest-ever price of £1299. Perfect timing for the recent launch of the next-generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The larger 65-inch model is also on sale. If that's outside of your price range though, we've also found some cheaper alternatives which still provide a strong 4K performance

In the US:

What 4K TV features I should look for in particular?

Considering how often they're brought up together, you might be surprised to learn that some lower end 4K TVs don't actually feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, which offers a richer range of colour detail. Make sure your chosen TV includes this and ideally, that should be HDR10, which adds a higher color-depth of 10 bits. Refresh rate should also be considered and while 60hz is fine, if you want that smoother motion, 120hz is recommended.

The difference between OLED TVs and LCDs is also worth considering. OLEDs offer better picture quality and lower energy use but often retail at a much higher cost. You might see some retailers offering 8K TVs too but right now, there's honestly little benefit to owning one. Most films aren't shown in 8K and whilst PS5 and Series X do contain 8K support, no games presently support it, a fact that's likely to remain that way for some time.

As for your more general advice, always check the TV's size before buying to ensure they fit your living room too, ensuring they'll fit atop your display unit or, if you prefer the option, whether they support being wall mounted

What else do I need to know?

You'll need to consider the HDMI Cable too. Though HDMI 2.0 is pretty standard and supports 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, you'll want to get a HDMI 2.1 cable for the best performance on your new TV. The reason? 2.1 takes this 4K support one step further and supports 120 frames per second, alongside 8K at 60 frames per second and they can even display resolutions that go up to 10K.

If you bought a Series X or PS5, then don't worry here, both come packaged with a HDMI 2.1 cable anyway, but if you're just after a new TV alone, be sure to take this into consideration. You can also browse through our favourite 4K TVs for gaming regardless of price, featuring the best options for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC - be sure to check it out.


Where can I get the best deals?

Deals frequently change, so whilst you might see a cheap TV that looks especially tempting, it's best to do some research between different sites before making your choice. That's especially true when you consider how much money you're putting down. In terms of reliable retailers, we recommend checking out Amazon, Hughes, Currys PC World, Very, Argos, Appliances Direct, AO or John Lewis.

Some sites also offer price matching, so the price you find could potentially go even lower. We'll continue searching the web to find you the top bargains this Black Friday, so keep an eye out for any updates as we find them.

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