Since Black Friday sales first began almost twenty years ago, heavily discounted big screen TVs have become an iconic part of the experience. This Cyber Monday is no different, with many retailers already offering hundreds of dollars off of the biggest and best TVs on the market one day before the main event. Here at Digital Foundry, we've rounded up all of the latest deals on the 4K and 1080p TVs so you should actually consider, so you don't need to wade through the hundreds of potential deals yourself.

We'll keep this page updated throughout Cyber Monday shopping season. Whether you're in the US or the UK, you should find some incredible deals on this very page - and if nothing grabs you, check back later for the latest additions!

We've split the page into three sections: high-end OLED 4K TVs, mid-range 4K TVs and budget 4K TVs. All are 4K HDR-capable sets, as we believe it's not worth upgrading to a new TV without these two features, even at the very lowest end of the market. Within each section, you'll see selections from US and UK retailers to suit you.

The best OLED 4K TV deals this Cyber Monday

Here are the best OLED TVs we've been able to find for sale this Cyber Monday. OLEDs are great because they offer infinite contrast, courtesy of organic cells that can turn off completely - something LED TVs can only mimic. They also offer great viewing angles and brilliant colour, which helps to justify the relatively high prices that these TVs command. At Cyber Monday, you'll get your best chance to snag an OLED at a good price - so take a look at what we've found!

UK deals

LG B7 OLED 55" for 1099 - was 2299, save 1200


Right now the best Cyber Monday OLED deal is this LG B7 OLED. That's last year's second-tier model, but it has the same amazing panel as this year's LG B8 and LG C8 OLEDs. The LG B8 has slightly better motion handling thanks to Black Frame Insertion, but the B7 has slightly better input lag and slightly better viewing angles as well. Overall, it's a cracking deal on a full-size OLED, and it even come with a five year warranty. Pounce on this now before it goes!

LG C8 OLED 55" for 1499 - was 1999, save 500


The seminal 55-inch LG C8 OLED has dropped by 100 to a new lowest-ever price today, 1499. It looks like retailers are matching this price across the UK, so we recommend getting it from John Lewis so you can take advantage of their five-year warranty. With the LG B8 only 200 cheaper (see below), it may well be worth getting LG's flagship model. As a quick recap, the LG C8 OLED is the best 4K TV on the market, with incredible contrast, wide viewing angles, strong HDR performance, great motion resolution, low input lag and all of the features you could ever want for watching films or playing games.

LG B8 OLED 55" for 1299 - was 1799, save 500


The LG B8 has the same gorgeous OLED screen as our top 4K HDR TV pick, the LG C8 OLED, but comes with a worse stand and last year's processor instead of this year's. That doesn't make a big difference in daily use, but it makes a massive difference to the price - you're looking at a TV that's 200 cheaper than the flagship model of the same size! You can also find the LG B8 on Amazon at the same discounted price, but we recommend getting this one from John Lewis to take advantage of their five year warranty.

Sony Bravia AF8 OLED 55" for 1799 - was 2299, save 500


The Sony AF8 OLED is a strong competitor to the LG C8, boasting a beautiful OLED screen and slightly better motion handling for low-fps content. It also offers very low input lag with the HDR mode enabled - although its input lag is worse than the LG C8 for non-HDR content. Its Android TV OS is another point of differentiation, providing an unrivalled number of apps and a good degree of customisation if you're willing to experiment. All in all, a reasonable buy at 400 off!

US deals

Samsung Q9FN 65-inch 4K QLED TV for $2099 (was $3999)

Samsung's flagship TV is this QLED model, the Q9FN. It's normally quite a pricey affair - often more than leading OLED displays! - but Samsung's support for FreeSync, its excellent contrast, extremely high peak brightness and immunity to burn-in makes it a TV set worth considering. Right now, you can pick up the normally $4000 65-inch model for around half the price, at just $2100.

LG C8 OLED 4K HDR TV 55" for $1696 (was $2496)


The LG C8 is the best TV for 4K HDR gaming thanks to its incredible contrast, low input latency and excellent motion processing - and it's on sale thanks to Cyber Monday. This 2018 TV offers better peak brightness than its 2017 predecessor and works very well for non-4K content too, thanks to clever upscaling options. While many smart TVs are somewhat annoying to operate, webOS on the LG C8 is fluid and responsive - a joy to use. All in all, the LG C8 is an absolute triumph that was well worth its original $2000+ price tag - and at its new lower price, it's a no-brainer.

LG B8 OLED 55" Certified Refurbished for $1499 (was $2299)


This certified refurbished version of the LG B8 is offered by Walmart and lets you net a great price on a high-end 2018 OLED. The B8 model has the same amazing OLED screen as the LG C8. The B8 comes with last year's alpha 7 processor instead of this year's alpha 9 processor, but unless you've got the two TVs next to each other you're unlikely to notice the difference this makes to responsiveness. All in all, a great deal for anyone working to a budget that still wants the best OLED screen on the market!

The best mid-range 4K TV deals this Cyber Monday

These mid-range TVs are at a nice middle ground, offering good quality panels and some nice features at a dramatically lower price than the flagship OLED models. Here are the current highlights we've spotted.

UK deals

Sony Bravia KD55XF9005 55-inch 4K HDR TV for 999 (was 1299)


The XF900 is Sony's third-tier television, offering excellent features and performance at a mid-range price point - which has been solidly reduced as of Cyber Monday itself. As we've seen on other Sony TVs, motion handling is a strong point with rapid pixel response times and black frame insertion. Contrast is also excellent, with a good local dimming implementation that raises contrast to around 5700:1. Gaming at 4K works well too, thanks to low input lag - around 24ms for both SDR and HDR content. This deal lets you take more than 300 off the 2018 55-inch model and comes with a five year warranty from John Lewis.

Samsung 55NU8000 55-inch 4K HDR TV for 729 (was 1399)


We've checked around and this is the cheapest price available for the 55-inch version of Samsung's excellent NU8000 telly. We've named the NU8000 'the best value TV for HDR gaming', thanks to its good HDR support, FreeSync support for Xbox One and PC, and some of the lowest input lag we've seen from a 4K TV. 719 is the cheapest the TV has been thus far, and with Argos' excellent support you might even be able to get a refund if it's later offered for a slightly cheaper price within the next week or so. Either way, you're getting a top-notch 4K TV that doesn't cost the earth.

US deals

Sony XBR49X900F 49-inch 4K for $898 (was $1099)


The XF900 is Sony's third-tier television, offering excellent features and performance at a mid-range price point. As we've seen on other Sony TVs, motion handling is a strong point with rapid pixel response times and black frame insertion. Contrast is also excellent, with a good local dimming implementation that raises contrast to around 5700:1. Gaming at 4K works well too, thanks to low input lag - around 24ms for both SDR and HDR content. This deal lets you take more than $100 off the 2018 model.

Samsung NU8000 65-inch 4K HDR TV for $899 (was $1499)


We've checked around and this is the cheapest price available for the 65-inch version of Samsung's excellent NU8000 television, at some $600 below the recommended retail price. We've named the NU8000 'the best value TV for HDR gaming', thanks to its good HDR support, FreeSync support for Xbox One and PC, and some of the lowest input lag we've seen from a 4K TV. All in all, a great TV for an insanely great price!

Samsung QN65Q6F 65" QLED 4K TV for $1297 (was $2199)


This is Samsung's entry-level QLED TV, offering the richer colours and better contrast of the higher-end TVs at a more affordable price - and it just got way cheaper, with Amazon slashing the 2018 65-inch model by $900. The Q6F is great for gaming thanks to its extremely low input lag, excellent contrast and high peak brightness. Variable refresh rates are also supported, i.e. FreeSync, which is great news for anyone with an Xbox or a gaming PC that uses an AMD graphics card. All in all, a great gaming TV for a very attractive reduced price.

The best cheap 4K TV Cyber Monday deals

UK deals

LG 55UK6300PLB 55" for 449 - was 749, save 300


We selected the UK6300 in our 'Best 4K TVs for HDR gaming' article, where we noted a 40-inch version of the TV is a nice budget choice for HDR gaming in smaller spaces. This 55-inch model is considerably larger, of course, but it's still a great 4K TV for the money - especially at this deal price of less than 450. For gaming, the UK6300 is a strong choice at its price point, thanks to very low input lag in game mode, which was measured at less than 12ms at both 1080p and 4K, both in HDR and SDR content. You can also get the 49-inch model on Amazon's daily deals right now for just 379.

Samsung UE50NU7020 4K HDR 50" TV for 399 - was 550, save 200


This entry-level 4K TV has some restrictions - including only two HDMI ports - but offers reasonable picture quality, a decent implementation of HDR10 and a 50-inch 4K panel for less than 400. The screen is edge-lit rather than direct-lit, but still should provide enough brightness to make HDR worthwhile. We'd probably recommend going for the UK6300 we highlighted above, but if your budget is 400 this is the best option going in the UK right now.

US deals

Cheap 4K HDR TVs tend to sell out fast whenever they're reduced, but if you can get them in time, you'll be rewarded with a sharp-looking TV that may lack a few features compared to mid-range and high-end options but still gets the job done. Here are some of the best deals on 4K HDR TVs that we've found so far.

TCL R617 Series 4K HDR 55" TV for $600 (was $700)


The TCL R617 is our pick for the best budget 4K TV for gamers. With game mode enabled, it has some of the lowest input lag we've seen at 18ms, whether you're gaming in SDR or HDR, 1080p or 4K. The Roku TV interface is clean and fast, the contrast is excellent and motion handling is also quite good. The only downside to this VA panel is that viewing angles aren't great, so it's best to have your furniture set up directly in front of the TV instead of off to the side. Still, this is a pretty minor limitation and the R617 remains an awesome 4K TV for gamers.

Vizio 60-inch D-Series 4K HDR TV for $498 (was $700)


This Vizio TV offers reasonable image quality and the 4K HDR functionality that modern TV-watchers crave at a price most can afford. If the bleeding-edge P-Series Quantum is a little out of your price range, this is a strong budget alternative.

Looking for more than just TVs? See all of our Cyber Monday 2018 tech deals, including PC hardware and peripherals.

Cyber Monday TV buyer's guide

Not sure what TV to pick? Take a look at our recently updated recommendations for the best 4K TVs for gaming.

Choosing a good TV can be difficult - there's quite a bit of jargon and loads of different models to pick from, including models that are made just for Cyber Monday sales! Here's what you need to know to pick the perfect TV for Cyber Monday.

Master resolution. Resolution refers to the number of pixels on a given screen given in width and height. A TV with a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160) has four times the detail of a 1080p TV (1920 x 1080). The higher the resolution at a given size, the sharper and cleaner the TV can look, but the more it will cost. To benefit from a 1440p or 4K resolution when gaming, you'll need a PS4 Pro, an Xbox One or a PC with a strong graphics card. You'll also need 4K media to watch your new TV at its best - e.g. a 4K Blu-ray or 4K streaming via Netflix or YouTube.

Know your screen types. For TVs, OLED and QLED screens are the best you can get - OLED has infinite contrast and beautiful colours, while QLED TVs can get much brighter but can't get as inky black as OLED. Both provide excellent image quality, albeit at a high price. IPS and VA screens are cheaper options that can suffer from narrower viewing angles, worse contrast and poorer colour reproduction - but the savings can certainly make these drawbacks worth it! TN screens are most commonly seen in gaming monitors, as they offer extremely low response times to ensure fast-moving scenes are reproduced cleanly.

Understand HDR. HDR refers to several standards for 'high dynamic range', which means both a high amount of contrast between the lightest and darkest pars of an image and a wider colour gamut. Seeing HDR requires both an HDR display and HDR content; many PC and console games now support HDR, and it's possible to buy or stream HDR video as well. Monitors and TVs that meet the more stringent HDR standards, like HDR10 and DolbyVision, are worth looking for if you're serious about HDR as many monitors have nominal HDR support, but don't get bright enough to really benefit from the technology.

Learn about refresh rates. Many gaming monitors (and some TVs) can refresh higher than the usual 60Hz, meaning that their screen updates anywhere from 100 to 240 times per second. This reduces input lag significantly, making games feel more fluid and responsive. This is great for fast-paced games like shooters or battle royales. While some modern TVs can operate at 120Hz at 1080p resolution, this is only really helpful if you're connecting your television to a gaming PC - almost all console games don't support such high refresh rates.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

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