Update: We've been through this article and updated the lists within, ready for Black Friday 2018. As expected, there are the first glimpses of Red Dead Redemption 2 deals and some enticing mega-bundle offers heaped with games both great and in stock clearance. Fallout 76, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and other new titles are also cropping up in PS4 bundles. The retailers continue to beat their collective chests over the offers they'll be deploying in the coming days, although it's not quite clear yet what manner of discounts we'll be seeing come the big day itself.

Black Friday 2018 is looming ever closer on the horizon, and will ascend to full dark-winged glory on November 23rd. Meanwhile, prices are dropping earlier then usual in anticipation of a consumer frenzy. As we've done for the past few Black Fridays, we'll keep this page as up to date as possible with all the latest and greatest deals, offers, bundles and discounts on PS4 consoles, PS4 Pro consoles, games, accessories and more.

What with rumours circulating of an imminent PS5, and the latest generation of PS4 consoles hitting past the four year mark, we can expect deals superior to those of last year as game and technology retailers set to clear out. Make sure you stick with us for up-to-the-minute updates on all the latest discounted fancies from Sony. Without further adieu, release the deals!

Want more of the best Black Friday 2018 deals around? Be sure to check out our guides to the best PS4 Black Friday deals, the best Xbox Black Friday deals and the best Nintendo Black Friday deals. If you're a PC gamer, head over to our page covering the best PC gaming Black Friday deals this year has to offer.

Best PS4 and PS4 Pro deals and bundles this Black Friday


A brand new PS4 console will usually set you back around £249. Right now, the best Black Friday offer you're likely to find is £199 for a 1TB Black PS4. If you're after a minimalistic white console, the cheapest around is a 500GB PS4 Slim for £224

It wouldn't be Black Friday if retailers weren't flogging consoles tied in with game goods. The quality of these collections (and the value of the actual savings) has varied drastically thus. However, some enticing offers appear to be creeping in. Of these, a bundle that includes a PS4 with Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us and heavy metal shooter DOOM that comes in at £265 is by far the best value we've seen yet .

If you're angling for apocalyptic madness, a recent Black Friday bundle from GAME includes Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Fallout 76 and Doom.

Now as far as bundles go, there's some grand offers: God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Marvel's Spider-man all come are all included in PS4 console game deals priced at £249.99. Meanwhile, FIFA 19 with an additional controller, or a classy Fortnite bundle packed with DLC, can be purchased for under £280. If you're searching for a mega-bundle, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption 2, Doom and a 2 month NOW TV Pass can all be had with a 500GB PS4 console for £264.99.

Seeking glorious HD-o-vision via PS4 Pro? So far it's around £299 for a new PS4 Pro this Black Friday thus far, a reduction on its usual £349 cost. Bundles are fruitful as per usual, meaning you can nab the newest, shiniest PS4 Pro with Red Dead Redemption for £349.99. Alternatively, if you're craving even more games, a PS4 Pro with FIFA 19 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 can be bought for £379.99.

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Great PS4 Black Friday 2018 game deals


Next, let's take a look at which games have seen significant discounts in this year's Black Friday festivities. It's been a big year for games, with plenty AAA bad boys and indie darlings alike. With the next generation consoles on the near horizon, retailers will want to sell off their soon to be out-of-date titles. Here are the best game deals of this year so far.

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The best PSVR deals this Black Friday 2018


Not as hot a prospect this year as it was last year, the PSVR is still pretty pricey. Regardless, it is the still the cheapest non-smartphone virtual reality kit out and about (for now), and is an awful lot easier to get to grips with this then your standard computer based VR gear. PSVR kits have remained at a steady price all year, but Black Friday deals have already dropped prices down beneath £200. As the deals spike closer to big day, we've already noticed a steep decline in PS4 VR kits, peripherals and individual game prices.

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PS4 Accessories to look out for this Black Friday 2018


If you're already a happy PS4 owner - and looking at the sales figures, that's statistically very likely - you can still splash out on some extras to make things a little more special. This upcoming Black Friday promises some discounts on controllers - proper Dualshock ones too, none of that knockoff nonsense-docks and maybe even Playstation Plus Subscription passes. Last year we saw an abundance of lofty discounts on headsets and headphones too -usually a likely candidate for festive deductions. Fill your boots, and be merry!

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Best Black Friday PS4 deals last year

Black Friday 2017 kicked off a little earlier than it has done in previous years, as eager retailers seemingly couldn't keep their deals quiet long enough to make it to the main event itself. Instead, the vast majority of UK-based stores launched their various Black Friday sale ranges a full week ahead of the day itself. In the US, similar things happened, particularly at Amazon.

Last year, Black Friday gave us PS4 Slim consoles from as little as £189 with games thrown in for free, so expect to see that price slip down a little further (perhaps as low as £160 in some cases), along with a litany of first and third party games thrown in.

Judging by previous Black Friday experiences, Sony has a tendency to make some good deals with retailers that have resulted in nice discounts on PS4 hardware as well as first-party games at bargain prices.

In terms of game deals, last year's biggest bargains were found in copies of Doom, Titanfall, Destiny: The Collection and Overwatch, along with Watch Dogs 2 seeing a price cut mere weeks after its launch. Needless to say, a few of these sold out within minutes, so if you have a particular game that you're waiting for Black Friday 2018 before purchasing, you may want to keep a close eye on these deals as and when they come to make sure you don't miss out.

What happens after Black Friday? Best Cyber Monday 2018 deals

The fun doesn't stop on Black Friday, though. After a weekend filled with deals, Cyber Monday takes place on November 27th. Despite its cringe-worthy name, you can think of Cyber Monday as a second chance for a lot of online-based retailers to discount a wide variety of their products, most of which will not have been discounted during Black Friday itself. It's anything but a one-day affair, though - you can expect another week's worth of deals.

We'll be here all weekend and into next week, collecting the very best PS4 Black Friday 2018 deals, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for the most up to date deals.

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