This article explains how to farm Blood Echoes, Blood Vials, Sedatives and Quicksilver Bullets in Bloodborne.

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You can play Bloodborne any number of different ways, but people tend to either explore every corner of every last region meticulously, or push through it with as little exploration as possible, smashing up every monster they encounter. If you're a member of that second group, this section of our guide will help you find some handy item farming spots, so you can live to fight another day in battle.

Where to farm for Blood Vials in Bloodborne

Given that Blood Vials are essential for topping your health back up, you always want to have as many of them about you as possible. To get more of these easily, head to the Central Yharnam lamp, then start the process of opening the gate to your left. To do so, go down the left-hand stairs after killing the pair of Nether Beasts on the bridge before the Cleric Beast boss.

Kill all the enemies, then walk through the door on the lower floor and go up the stairs in front of you. Kill the creature here, then open the right-hand gate. Doing so provides you with quick access to this region from the lamp.

From this position, you can finish off the first creature on the lower part of the building, and likely get a pair of Blood Vials from the kill. Next, go upstairs and kill the pair of enemies you encounter for another likely stash. Go upstairs again and kill the next creature, then kill the pair of Nether Beasts. If these latter enemies give you a problem at your current level, just pull them back towards the building - they'll get stuck in the door, leaving you free to leisurely whack away at them.

When you've killed the Nether Beasts, take a left at the bridge and kill the Crazed Crows and the Brute. When they're dead, go through the building's bottom door once more, and then head to the right-hand stairway. Go down and kill the Brutes for more Blood Vials. If you've opened the lift that's just beyond the Brutes, you can use it to go down, then head up the stairs to the next bridge.

When you get there, kill the Brute waiting for you, then go up the next set of stairs. Kill the next pair of enemies to get more Blood Vials. You should be in the area just before the Father Gascoigne fight at this point. If you've already killed the boss, simply use the lamp to return to Hunter's Dream. You can now start the farming process all over again.

We reckon you can grab up to two dozen Blood Vials by working through this relatively brief process - not too shabby at all.

Where to farm for Blood Echoes, Sedatives and Quicksilver Bullets

How you farm Blood Echoes will largely depend on how high a level you are, as you need more of them as your level increases.

If you've unlocked the Lecture Building region of the game, make your way to the lower floor via the Lecture Building lamp. Now open the door on the left-hand side of the hall to where nearly two dozen Graduate enemies are located. If you're a high enough level to be here in the first place, you're probably ready to take them on. Get in a position outside of the door so they're trapped a little and can be killed more easily.

You should be able to get around 15,000 Blood Echoes, loads of Quicksilver Bullets, and a handful of Sedatives out of the fight. When you're done, you can head back to Hunter's Dream and start the process all over again. This is a cheesy way of getting a lot more of these items, but it should only take about five minutes to finish each run.

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