This article explains how to find the Cainhurst Summons and unlock more runes in Bloodborne, following on from Forbidden Woods.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

After completing the first part of our Forbidden Woods walkthrough, open up the door by your current location and go through it to fight another one of those Cranium Creatures. You should be able to sneak up on it and deliver a Charge Attack. When it's dead, take the Cainhurst Summons from the table. Go through the door in front of you to reach the 1st Floor Sickroom lamp, then head back to Forbidden Woods and return to the spot where the caged Hounds were.

When you're back there, take a right just after the cages and keep going past the house. Now go around until you come to a big boulder. Kill the Henchman here, then enter the house on your right to find a corpse containing Blue Elixir. Leave the house and head left, then carry on along the path on your right. Take a look at the rear of the next house along to find another one of those Death Dealers. Take it out, then take the Blood Vials from the nearby corpse.

Go around to the other side of the building and look for a door. Go inside and take the Beast Roar from the corpse, then leave the house and go straight forwards until you see a pack of Henchmen on a roof. Kill them all, then jump down to where a corpse is. Take the nice big stash of Molotov Cocktails from it.

Jump down into the water and kill the Undead Crawlers, then bear left until you come to a Frenzied Henchman by a corpse. Kill the enemy and take the Twin Blood Stone Shards from your friend on the floor. There's a tunnel across from the water that has two corpses inside. Take the items from them, then head through the tunnel, before going through the door at the end. The corpse in this room has a pack of Pungent Blood Cocktails on it.

Take a left and leave the house. A load of Henchmen are waiting for you further ahead. Kill them, then look out for the wooden boards on the floor as they signpost traps. The house right ahead of you has more Henchmen in it. When they're dead, take the Pungent Blood Cocktails from the corpse.

Kill the patrolling Henchman, then the enemy that's by the house on your right. Nearby is a corpse with five Blood Vials on it. From the position of the body, turn around until you see a stone entrance on the house's right. The gate is booby-trapped, but if you head to the right of it you'll find yourself back at that location with the caged Hounds.

You don't need to head there for now, so instead go towards the fire where the Henchmen were and look for a path to the fire's left. This will take you behind the houses where another Henchman is patrolling. Finish him, then go all the way around towards the entrance of the second house. Go inside and take the Beast Blood Pellets from the corpse.

Return to the fire and then carry on down the left-hand path until you're at the water. Go all the way to the other end, then go along the first path on your left. You'll come to several Henchmen that you need to kill, before going up the wooden ramp to get up on the roof and have another Henchman fight - be aware that this particular brute has a gun.

How to survive the cannonball section

Walk down the path but be prepared to have cannonballs fired at you. If any of them hit you at your current level, you'll almost certainly die. Enter the second house on your left and kill the two Henchmen, then go into the last house on your right for another Henchmen fight. The final house on the left contains a Frenzied Henchman and a corpse with four Beast Blood Pellets.

Keep using these houses to avoid the cannon-fire, then kill the Henchman manning the device when you get there. Go into the house that's right in front of you, but check the corpse nearby before doing so - there's a Twin Blood Stone Shard on it.

Once inside the house, go downstairs, then take the path to the left and through the door. Now jump down onto the ledge beneath you and kill the Frenzied Henchman on your left. Take the ladder up to the narrow passageway above you. Go over the planks on the far side, then take the Poison Knives from the left-hand corpse. Walk through the door and take some extra Poison Knives from the other corpse.

How to find the Cannon weapon in Bloodborne

Now have a chat with the guy over on the right and direct him to the chapel. He'll give you a pair of Pungent Blood Cocktails. Next, go back inside, head to the final gear, then jump down onto the platform below where another corpse is waiting. Take the Cannon from it, then jump down to the section below you. Head into the middle of this room, go down the ramp, and then kill the Mutant Henchman.

Tactics for killing the Mutant Henchman

It's important to know that these new creatures have a lot more health than the regular Henchmen you've been fighting up until now, and when they reach a low level of health they'll mutate. This mutation effect allows the creature to poison you, and its reach increases too. Note that it's also possible to find Mutated Henchmen that arrive on the battlefield pre-poisoned!

Take the Madman's Knowledge from the nearby corpse, then go to the other side of this section. There's a lift nearby but it can't be used right now, so instead go over the bridge until you come to a new Mutant Henchman. Kill it, then go up the ramp that leads to the house on your right. Step on the lift when you get inside, then carry on up the stairs until you come to a corpse with four Antidotes on it. Open the gate in front of you to get access to the start of the area where the Forbidden Woods lamp is.

Go back down the lift and then leave the house and ascend the hill on your left. You'll find a corpse here that contains a Twin Blood Stone Shard. Make your way back down again, then take the path towards another corpse with Frenzied Coldblood on it.

Dealing with Snake Clusters in Bloodborne

From here, just keep heading down the path until you come to some Snake Clusters. These creatures possess a poisonous attack, but they don't have much health and are easily stunned. Kill them as quickly as you can, then search the corpse on your left to get some Shining Coins. Finally, look around to the left of the body's rear to find another set of Snake Clusters.

Stick to the left and keep heading forwards until you find even more Snake Clusters. There's also a nearby corpse with a Twin Blood Stone Shard on it. To your right are more snakes, as well as a corpse containing a pair of Twin Blood Stone Shards and a Madman's Knowledge. Kill and loot everything in sight.

When you get close to the fire in front of you you'll encounter a Mutant Henchman and another load of snakes. Kill and loot everything, then circle all the around on the left until you see another Snake Cluster. Kill them, then head along the central path.

When you're able to, take a right and kill the Snake Clusters and Mutant Henchman guarding a corpse. Take the items from the corpse when the enemies are dead, then be prepared to fight a Giant Snake Cluster up ahead! Before engaging this deadlier creature, go to the right to find a pair of regular Snake Clusters guarding a corpse. Take the Twin Blood Stone Shard when you've killed them all.

You'll find it very difficult to stun the Giant Snake Cluster, so get in there and deliver a few whacks of your weapon, before dodging out quickly to avoid their counter-attack. Watch out for the poisonous venom they spit at you too - if it's coming, get ready to dodge. Thankfully, these creatures fight hard but have a low health meter. Two or three of these cautious attacks should be enough to finish them off.

Once the first Giant Snake Cluster has been dealt with, look right and take the Thick Coldblood from the corpse. Now go back and to the left and kill the Giant Snake Cluster. This one's surrounded by some of its smaller variants, but you can draw these creatures into the fire to have the flames do much of the work for you. If you can't pull that off, use your Molotov Cocktails or Pebbles to draw the smaller guys towards you before you deal with the bigger threat.

Keep heading along the central path, killing everything you encounter. When you come to the water, kill the remaining Pig and then take a left. Carry on heading left until you come to a cave. You'll need to kill a pair of Cranium Creatures when you enter, before you face Mutant Cranium Creatures - these guys can fling magic missiles at you, but they die pretty quickly.

Grab the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis rune nearby, then head further in to the cave system. Take the Madman's Knowledge from the corpse just before the Mutant Cranium Creature, then another a little further on into the cave.

Leave the cave when you're finished and head across the water until you're back on firm ground. Take the path up the hill on your right and kill the Mutant Henchman. Keep taking this path towards the building, then use the lift to get to the room you were in earlier to complete the shortcut.

Head out of the building and back towards the water. Take the path to your left until you come to a large tree. Go through the roots and the water until you come to a load of Undead Crawlers and a corpse. Kill the creatures, then take the Dissipating Lake rune from the body.

Keep working your way through the water until you've dealt with the Crazed Pig and the Undead Crawlers. Take the Sharp Blood Gemstone from the body on your left, then go between the fires until you come to a junction. The next boss fight is found via the left-hand path, but for now go right, open up the gate and kill the Mutant Henchman. Take the Clockwise Metamorphosis rune from the corpse here, then head back out and onto the second path to start another boss battle.

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