This article explains how to get the Blood of Arianna and unlock the Curtsy gesture in Bloodborne, following on from the Witch of Hemwick in the Witch's Abode.

If you're interested in more advice, our complete Bloodborne walkthrough and for the DLC our The Old Hunters guide and walkthrough can help.

Make your way back to the Grand Cathedral lamp, then take a look at the object that's on the altar over on the other side of the room. Doing so will start a cut-scene which provides you with a password that opens a Cathedral Ward door.

Leave the room and kill the Axe Reaper and the five Gravekeepers below. Now head around to the left and kill the Hound you come to. When you've killed these enemies, yank the lever that's by the bottom of the stairs to open up the gate. There are a pair of Axe Reapers patrolling the next graveyard along - pull them to you separately, and pick them off one by one.

How to find the Forbidden Woods

When they're both dead, loot all of the nearby corpses until you've got five Madman's Knowledge. Now go through the gate over on the other side of the cemetery. There's another pair of Gravekeepers to your right - one has a flamethrower, and the other has a magic lantern. You should also be able to see a Crazed Crow over on the right-hand side by a corpse - this corpse contains Thick Coldblood.

On your left is another corpse with Thick Coldblood on it, while right in front of you is a gate with another lever. Just keep this gate in mind, as you'll be returning here a bit later. For now, kill all of the enemies in the local area, grab all of the items, then head right and go down two sets of stairs until you come to a corpse - take the Poison Knife items from it.

Take the left-hand stairs until you come to a pair of Gravekeepers patrolling around. If you didn't pick them up a littler earlier on, there's also a corpse nearby which has the Hunter Attire on it. If you've not upgraded your gear yet, throw these on, although you can probably afford something a bit more exotic from Hunter's Dream by now.

Don't hang about for too long as a portal will appear soon. The steps to your left will take you back to the Chapel. Assuming you don't need anything from Hunter's Dream, make your way back to the gate when you battled with the Axe Reaper.

How to unlock the Curtsy gesture and gain the Blood of Arianna

Now go downstairs and head over to the left-hand section of the room at the bottom. Knock on the door, talk to the lady here twice, then send her off to the chapel. When you return to that chapel you'll find her sitting in a chair. Talk to her to get a new Curtsy gesture as well as the Blood of Arianna. Don't worry about the quiet chap by the window over on the other side of the street.

Walk down the street in the opposite direction, as you'll be attacked by a Henchman from just by stairs you descended. There's a gun-toting Henchman further ahead, along with a Half-beast. This last creature is basically a more resilient Henchman who can do damage from a little further away.

Where to find the Poison Knife items

Carry on past the pair of red lanterns until you come to some more stairs. When you reach the base of the staircase, you'll come under fire. Dart into the left-hand alcove and loot the corpse to get your hands on a load more Poison Knife items.

Leg it upstairs, then dart to the left and go up the next load of steps to where a Half-beast and a load of Henchmen are waiting. Thankfully, only one of them has a gun this time, so you shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with this pack.

At the top, you'll find a couple of corpses, along with a Leper and a Crazed Crow. Grab the Blood Vials and the Thick Coldblood from the corpses, and don't worry about the creatures attacking you. Now look left until you can see a ladder.

When you reach the top you'll get a note. Read it, then go back to that lever from the start of this section and yank it. Now go downstairs and finish the Axe Reaper by the game. Just over to the left is a body which has some Blood Stone Shards on it.

How to get the Monocular in Bloodborne

Walk through the gate and deal with the Brutes and the Crazed Crows below. If you go beyond these enemies, you should see a corpse on your right. Take the Monocular from it, then turn around and take a left to where the Crow waits by a corpse. Kill the creature, then take the trio of Blood stone Shards from the body.

Up ahead is a Reaper who swings a massive ball and chain. Ignore it for now and instead concentrate on killing the Imp up ahead, before killing the big guy. When they're dead, take the Blood stone Shards from the corpse on your left.

When you're ready, go right and then down the stairs on your left. Don't worry about smashing up the vases as there's nothing to loot. Instead, take a right when you reach the end of this section and take the Tempering Blood Gemstone from the chest. That nearby door can't be opened, so instead go back to the cemetery where you fought the pair of Axe Reapers.

To your left is a corridor. Go inside it until you reach the balcony, then kill the Infected and Crazed Crow. Now go to the right-hand side of the balcony and clear out the casket so you can take the Twin Blood Stone Shards from the corpse. Over on the other side of this balcony is another room containing a corpse - grab the Shining Coins from it.

Now go down the corridor to your right. If you've defeated Vicar Amelia and inspected that item on her altar, you'll see the Hunter from earlier on waiting at the balcony ahead. In the middle of the balcony is another corpse with Tempering Blood Gemstones on it.

Use the password to access the Forbidden Woods

Talk to this Hunter for a little more story development, then look for a corpse on the right. Take the Antidote from it, then carry on downstairs until you come to another door. Open it using the password, then talk to the chap in the chair for a Madman's Knowledge. Take the stairs down to the right, then walk through the door you come to, before going down the next load of stairs and entering the Forbidden Woods.

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