Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Retake the Platform, the 22nd main story mission of the game, following on from The War Economy.

Once you start Episode 22 (either at the beginning of Episode 21, or by selecting 22-Retake the Platform from your mission list later on), you'll automatically be whisked away to Mother Base. As you close in on your destination, you'll be given your next objective: infiltrate the platform, locate the enemy commander and eliminate him. With the commander out of the picture, the enemy operation will crumble.

Note that, should you fail the mission midway through Episode 21, you'll automatically return to the start of that mission. You'll be able to retry 22-Retake the Platform by selecting it from your mission list later, once you reach Mother Base at Episode 21's conclusion.

Retake the Platform

Once you land, immediately take a left and follow the flight of steps directly to the top. When you reach the main platform, continue forward heading south-east toward the pile of shipping crates. Be on the look out for enemy troops as you proceed and eliminate them quickly.

Drop prone and make your way across the bridge ahead. Look for the staircase leading down on the left-hand side then use it to reach the area below. Next, move west, following the tunnel along beneath the bridge. When you hit the wall ahead, look left and locate the small staircase leading up. Cautiously climb it to rejoin the main platform. Be extra careful from here on in - there are numerous patrols in the area, so you'll need to work quickly and quietly.

Reach the top of the platform and locate the commander

At the top of the steps, take a quick right, then a left and carefully move forward until you spot the portable toilet ahead. From here, turn right, moving into the nearby alley. Push forward and climb the steps to your right about halfway along the passage. When you reach the gantry, take a right then another right so that you're following the walkway south-east.

Next, locate the large pipe to the right a little way ahead and scramble on up to the top. When you can't climb any further, drop off onto the small platform nearby. From here, move south-east again, climbing over the fence onto the main walkway.

Immediately take a right and head south-west. Follow the walkway around along as it bends to the north-west. Keep moving passed the staircase to your left and the first pipe to your right and, soon, you'll see a second pipe up ahead. Climb it then, at the top, walk along the horizontal pipe.

At the end of the pipe, carefully drop onto the vent pipe and follow it along as it winds clockwise around the building. When your route ahead is blocked, pull yourself up onto the platform.

From here, continue forward and climb the steps on the left at the end of the walkway. As you approach the top of the platform, duck down and proceed cautiously, keeping watch for enemies patrolling to the right. At the top of the steps, look left and locate the grey metal box against the wall close by. Clamber on up then climb again to reach the platform above.

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Eliminate the commander

Immediately lie prone and work your way to the south-west edge of the platform, overlooking the large area below. Pull out your binoculars and scan the area until you've located the commander. All you need do now is eliminate him one way or another.

If you've got a sniper rifle to hand, you can finish him off from your current position - otherwise, slip back down the staircase, work your way through the hostiles in the area and deal with the commander as you see fit, bringing the mission to a close.

For your efforts, you'll earn the [Back: Hexagon] emblem part and the ability to construct Forward Operating Bases (enabling you to house more staff and resources). Additionally, a new Security Team will be established. When the debrief is over, you'll automatically return to the air.

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