Sony has released a new video about eye-catching sci-fi adventure game No Man's Sky.

In the video, below, Hello Games' Sean Murray discusses how No Man's Sky exploded onto the scene at the VGX Awards late last year before stealing the show at E3 earlier this month.

He runs through its origin, its early life when it was known as Project Skyscraper, its production, the Guildford floods of Christmas 2013 that decimated the studio, and now E3.

No Man's Sky has a procedurally generated universe, but it's not a tech demo, or an empty blank canvas, Murray insists.

Every player starts the game with a spaceship on a planet at the edge of the galaxy. It's a dangerous place to be. "It isn't just some ambient utopia," Murray says. "You are always in danger."

Most people will try to make the journey to the centre of the galaxy - and there's a reason you'd want to do that. But to get there players will need to upgrade your ship, weapons and suit, plan and cooperate with other players. "And they will actually need to be be quite clever."

There is a game beyond that, but this is the core journey most players will be on. "They will think, I started out with the smallest, crappiest ship you could imagine, and I got to a point where I could get to the centre of the galaxy and see what was there.

"We wanted that to be significant."

No Man's Sky will have its console debut on PlayStation 4. It has yet to be announced for PC or Xbox One.

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