Competitive platformer Atomic Ninjas announced for PS3 and Vita

Features cross-platform support where you can mix-and-match splitscreen and online play.

Grip Games! - developer of The Impossible Game, Foosball 2012 and 5-in-1 Arcade Hits - has announced its latest project, a multiplayer platformer called Atmoic Ninjas due this summer on PSN.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Atomic Ninjas is a 2.5D cross-platform affair between the PS3 and Vita. Described as the hypothetical spawn of Fat Princess and Crash Commando, Atomic Ninja's gimmick is that players can't harm each other through sword slices or jumps, but must instead use a series of environmental hazards to eliminate their opponents. These consist of: lava pits, laser beams, traps, moving platforms, falling crates, and more.

The game will feature seven arenas with plenty of pick-ups, crates, lifts, air vents, levers, ninja-launchers and hiding spots. Adding an extra layer of mischief, characters will have such super-powers as invisibility, flying and telekinesis. "Atomic Ninjas is not just about twitch reflexes, but also about malevolent creativity, playfulness and exploring the game's possibilities," said Grip CEO Jakub Mikyska.

Game modes will include Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Treasure hunt, team-based competitions, and more.

Sweetening the pot, Atomic Ninjas will allow PS3 and Vita players to play together and save files will automatically be synchronised for those who own both platforms. Additionally, you'll be able to mix-and-match splitscreen and online play for up to four players. There will even be bot support for solo players or two-person teams who want to tackle the AI together.


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