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Vice City: Musical cheating

Tying that silly number of soundtrack CDs to the game

Instead of seven mindless 80s compilations, Take-Two's seven Vice City soundtrack CDs announced last month will each unlock access to a special area of http://www.vicecityradio.com. In turn, this 'special area' of the site will give access to cheat codes and other useful perks for players, thus elevating this expensive merchandising gimmick above the status of vague association.

The website also sheds some light on the various radio stations in the game, and lets you preview each of them at the touch of a button. The stations are V-Rock (featuring the return of Lazlo), Wave 103 (where the boys wear more make-up than the girls), Emotion 98.3 (the station for laughter, sorrow, heartbreak and those post-therapy session blues), Flash FM (music for the 'me' generation), Wildstyle Pirate Radio (with Super Rockin' Mr. Magic), Fever 105 (soul music for lovers) and Radio Espantooooooooso, apparently.

ViceCityRadio.com will already let you pre-order the seven CDs as a single boxed set, priced $48.98 total, but this offer is only open to those in the US. However, we're told that the opportunity for international pre-orders is coming very soon. Personally though, we can think of better things to pre-order - the game, for instance, which is due out on November 8th.

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