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Gaming is bad for you (again)

Causes loss of concen .. what was I talking about?

Over the last few years videogames have been linked to everything from shooting sprees and epileptic fits to faster reactions and increased intelligence. The latest study into the effects of gaming on the brain comes from Japan, and it doesn't make for happy reading. According to Professor Akio Mori, playing games can reduce activity in part of the brain, causing players to get angry and suffer problems concentrating. The effect was particularly pronounced amongst people playing for several hours a day, with beta wave activity in the effected area of their brain near zero even when they weren't playing. So are we raising a new generation of videogame zombies? "I want people to be aware of the quality of games and the time young people spend playing them during their earlier years when sentiment develops", the professor told Mainichi Daily News. "During childhood, playing outside with friends, not videogames, is the best option." Sound advice.

Source - Mainichi Interactive (thanks Zdim)

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