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Jest about the Manx TT

From the team behind Super Trucks!

The last time someone made a game about the Manx TT, it was Sega. And it was crap. I'll give you a few seconds so you can fully absorb that fact. Are you finished? Right. Actually, if you like bikes floating several feet above the track and sub-Sega Rally graphics, incredibly you can still download a demo of the PC version of the game in some places and see what I mean. Here, for instance. But you really shouldn't. Instead, TT fans, you should look ahead to Jester Interactive's official Isle of Man T.T. title for PlayStation 2, due out in 2003, presumably in time for the famous race itself. Jester has been laying the groundwork for the title, sending three of its company directors to the island on Jubilee weekend to capture footage of the 38 mile-long course, and to take measurements and make notes to help make the game as authentic as possible. And, amazingly, they actually rode it. This reconnaissance mission hasn't anything to do their desire to see the TT or get a nice paid holiday, surely? "We are all big motorbike fans at Jester," says Tim Wright, Creative Director of the company. "To truly appreciate every nuance of the circuit you need to ride some of it at race speeds. We went to the Island to do just that, and the lessons we've learned and the footage we've captured will be invaluable." I suppose that's reasonable. The game is already causing a stir on the quiet little island, and we understand that the government has given the team at Jester full access to the course. After the unlikely success of Super Trucks, which was surprisingly good and extremely detailed by all accounts, perhaps this title, with its thorough research and widespread backing, could become the first great game about the TT to appear.

Source - press release

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