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European OEM slates P4

All sorts of jokes about urinating from the tops of buildings

With this coming festive period already set to case one of the biggest CPU showdowns the industry has ever seen, it looks as though another spanner has been thrown into the works by UK industry gossip website The Register and an unnamed source inside a European OEM. According to the source, "if [Intel] think this compares to Athlon they are joking. At 1.5GHz the P4 is outperformed by a PIII 933, never mind an Athlon 1GHz which urinates in rather copious quantities over the oversized, overcomplicated piece of silicon". There are no details as to just which OEM the fellow hails from, and it's unlikely there will be, but The Reg' describe it as a leading one, and who are we to discredit them. With AMD's 760 chipset and 1.2GHz Athlons now available or in the process of getting there, the question of the P4's relative performance is once again an issue, and although the marketing machine isn't in full swing yet, it looks as though it could be another disappointing season for the chip giant.

Source - The Register

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