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What If Games

Those fine ladies over at Women Gamers have posted an interesting article on game concepts that could, should, or indeed might happen. "Everyone has a game concept that they would love to see happen". I personally want Sensible Soccer mixed with Championship manager, and done properly, I'm sure others might want Quake 3 crossed with AOE2, where you fight and shoot to gain land and advantage, Risk style. The list could go on and on.

They have compiled some thought provoking ideas - as they say themselves, "Compiled here, for your contemplation and enjoyment, is a list of games that should never be made, will never be made, or if they are made will be the kind of thing that make you stop and say 'What are they thinking???'"

My personal favorite given is "SimElections (what underhanded politics can you exercise on your way to the presidency?)" It's an interesting piece and well worth 5 minutes of your time.

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