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Agatha Christie Wii mystery

And Then There Were None.

The Adventure Company has decided to bring Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None to Wii this November.

Despite appearing back on PC back in February 2006, the publisher believes it can breathe new life into the title by using the Wii and its wacky controls.

This "whole new level of interactivity" will let you do new and ridiculous things, like make digging motions to unearth clues, spin the handle of a safe using the Wiimote, or participate in timed puzzles like racing up stairs.

The Adventure Company reckon it's the perfect platform to open the door for the genre on console.

"We are very excited to take this new direction with our adventure titles and are certain that our fans will find Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None to be a perfect fit for the Nintendo Wii," said Richard Wah Kan, big boss at The Adventure Company.

"Many PC adventure game fans are having a great time with the Wii and we'd like to be the first to deliver them games they love on a console they've embraced."

The story revolves around ten people who are invited to big old mansion on the isolated Shipwreck Island. Here they're each accused of murder by the recorded voice of their host, who takes it upon himself to exact justice. There's some murdering done and secrets revealed, so it's down to you to find out why.

We found the PC version to be a little bit lifeless, and reckoned you might be better off with the book or 1945 movie instead. Cross examine our Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None review for more information.

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