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Acclaimed time loop adventure Minit gets "peculiar little racing" spin-off for charity

And it's available now on PC.

Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, and Dominik Johann - the team behind 2018's wonderful time loop adventure Minit - has unveiled bite-sized racing spin-off Minit Fun Racer, with all developer and publisher proceeds from sales going to charity.

"Hop on your scooter into the twisting traffic of the bustling city and the debris-covered sands of the barren desert just in time to watch the sunset," explains the official Minit Fun Racer blurb, "Befriend your local shopkeeper, chase coins, hit big jumps, and accomplish fun goals along each lap until you've seen it all!".

Publisher Developer Digital has included three different purchase options on Steam, all including exactly the same game content, but giving players able to donate more to charity the option to do. To that end, Minit Fun Racer can be picked up for £2.09, £7.19, or £15.49.

Minit Fun Racer trailer.

Alternatively, Minit Fun Racer can be purchased on itch.io, with customers able to set their own price, starting at $2.99 USD. All developer and publisher proceeds will go to charity and will continue to do so for as along as the game is available.

As for the specific charities that'll benefit from the initiative, Jan Nijman confirmed on Twitter the plan is to support various organisations with the money raised. Doctors Without Borders is the "top priority", for instance, and Special Effect is set to benefit "soon".

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