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Acclaimed city builder Cities: Skylines getting the virtual reality treatment in Cities: VR

Coming to Oculus Quest 2 in "spring" 2022.

Developer Colossal Order's acclaimed city builder Cities: Skylines is being reimagined for virtual reality devices, and will be coming to Oculus Quest 2 (or Meta Quest 2 as it'll soon be renamed) as Cities: VR in "spring" next year.

Cities: VR is the work of developer Fast Travel Games and aims to deliver the breadth and depth of Colossal Order's celebrated city management title, giving players control of urban planning, traffic flow, utilities, emergency services, entertainment, the economy, and more.

As part of Cities: VR's announcement, creative director Erik Odeldahl offered a brisk video walkthrough of some of the management sim's freshly VR-ified features, providing a look at its interface - reworked for virtual reality controllers - alongside other snippets of gameplay, showcasing both the birds-eye management view and a more up-close-and personal perspective for players that want to enjoy their creations from ground level.

Cities: VR - Alpha Gameplay Trailer.

There's not a lot more to report on the newly announced experience just yet, but as a big Cities: Skylines fan and occasional dabbler in VR, I am certainly intrigued! Hopefully we'll get a more thorough look at Cities: VR as its "spring" 2022 release on Meta Quest 2 draws nearer.

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