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UK Charts: Elder's finally shown respect

Fourth Elder Scrolls keeps EA from the top spot.

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Take 2's hugely acclaimed RPG The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has gone in at number one in the UK sales chart, beating off competition from EA's new release The Godfather, which takes second place.

Over half of Oblivion's sales were for the Xbox 360 version of the game, with the remainder going to the PC version, making the game into the second fastest selling Xbox 360 title ever after Ubisoft's recently launched Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

Advanced Warfighter continues to sell well, however, dropping just two places this week to number five to make for a second Xbox 360 title in the top ten - a decent accomplishment for the new console.

While EA will undoubtedly be disappointed by failing to take The Godfather to No.1, the game did sell very strongly - with the majority of sales (over three quarters) being racked up by the PS2 version of the controversial game.

The rest of the top five sees Sony's Buzz! The Big Quiz, developed by Brighton-based Relentless Software, rising to number three - the franchise has now sold over two million units since it kicked off before Christmas - while FIFA Street 2 gives EA a second title in the ranking, at number four.

The only other new releases in this week's chart are Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer Management at number 12 and THQ's release of Worms: Open Warfare for PSP and DS, which debuts at number 16, but there's a strong second week performance for Eidos' Commandos: Strike Force, which climbs seven places to number 11.

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