Street Fighter and Resi 5 are Home-bound

Costumes, game launching, Africa.

Capcom Japan has announced plans to support PlayStation Home with Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 content, including costumes and a themed game space.

Famitsu (interpreted by Joystiq) has the news and some shots, showing some striking authentic Street Fighter costumes and an impressive recreation of Resident Evil 5's African village setting for Home avatars to explore.

Street Fighter IV will also get a post-release patch adding support for Home's game launcher, so players will be able to jump straight into SFIV bouts from the virtual world.

As with the recent SF outfits for LittleBigPlanet, the costumes will be for sale from the PSN store - along with, we assume, the decorative Street Fighter and Resident Evil figurines shown in the shots. The Resident Evil 5 zone, meanwhile, will host themed events.

Whether this content will be coming to the US and European version of Home is unconfirmed, but we'd be very surprised if it didn't.

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