PS Home C-931 patch on Thursday

The "first step" towards sorting it.

Sony will patch PlayStation Home this Thursday, according to Home Community Manager "TedTheDog", whose real name we did know once but now can't remember.

"We'll be patching Home this Thursday and part of this change will be the first step in tackling the connection issues that you'll know as C-931 errors," he wrote on the official forum (thanks vg247).

According to a post elsewhere, C-931 "is related to very high levels of traffic", and in theory if you keep hammering away the game will let you in at some point anyway.

We asked Eurogamer's resident technical experts - i.e. the people who try and stop our servers exploding during key giveaways - whether trying again and again is a sensible workaround for connection time-outs. They cried.

Sony launched the PlayStation Home open beta last Thursday after nearly two years of build-up and the response so far has been lukewarm.

Eurogamer MMO complained about its "stiff, airless lack of character" and games of pool that aren't instanced, but was careful to note that "its defining feature - how it feeds into and connects with PlayStation gaming as a whole - is missing", and won't be introduced for a bit.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson complained about being basically sexually harassed by drooling morons because she's a girl. MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John apparently had the same problem, but went on again the other day and got into some sort of conga line and therefore forgave it.

Check out our PlayStation Home open beta hands-on report for more details. We'll be sure to report back as the service evolves, too.

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