Ninety-Nine Nights dated

US version 53-84 nights away.

It's been out in Japan for ages, but Microsoft's finally announced that Western gamers will be able to get their hands on Xbox 360 exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights this August. Well, the yanks will anyway - there's still no word on a European date. Bah.

A collaboration between Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Kingdom Under Fire's SangYoun Lee, Ninety-Nine Nights (or 99 Nights, or N3, or CAN WE HAVE ONE TITLE PLEASE) is an epic game of Dynasty Warriors-style battles, about building up ludicrous 500-hit combos and the like.

Import reviews haven't been overly glowing, with the game picking up a bit of criticism for the way combos break off for cut-scenes and things like that, and we didn't think it looked that exciting at last year's Tokyo Game Show either - but that's not going to stop us getting excited about a new Mizuguchi game, with certain fiscally irresponsible elements of the EG hierarchy busily forging expense forms to try and get a US Xbox 360 between now and the game's release. That'd be me then. Don't tell anyone.

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