Ninety-Nine Nights delayed

On Mizuguchi's orders.

Legendary producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi has confirmed that his forthcoming Xbox 360 hack-and-slasher Ninety-Nine Nights has been delayed.

The game was originally due for a release in January, but rumours of a delay began to emerge earlier this month. Now Mizuguchi has revealed that the game won't be out until the spring - on his orders.

Speaking to Famitsu Xbox 360, Mizuguchi said the release had been delayed because he's keen to make ensure that Ninety-Nine Nights is of the highest quality. Although gamers will be disappointed, Mizuguchi reckons they'd much rather wait a bit longer rather than end up with a rubbish game.

According to Mizuguchi, NNN is around 80 per cent complete and they're now working on making the armies move as realistically as possible. The AI is being tweaked, too, so that individual characters will respond appropriately to different scenarios and groups will move around more naturally.

A European release date for Ninety-Nine Nights has yet to be announced.

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