New MGO Bomb mission next week

Free and quite a lot like the plot of 24.

Konami plans to add a new Bomb Mission to Metal Gear Online next Tuesday. This will be free and applied automatically upon sign-in.

The Bomb Mission has defenders stop explosions while attackers try to make explosions. A bit like Jack Bauer and whatever terrorists are in fashion at the time of writing, we lose track.

Attackers must plant bombs at prescribed locations and protect them by sticking around until they blow up.

Defenders, on the other hand, need to stop the attackers getting to their target or nullify the bomb with coolant spray.

The Bomb Mission arrives amidst the Rookie Campaign for Metal Gear Online. This rewards newcomers with thousands of in-game points to spend on crocodile hats, afro wigs and camouflage suits.

Only those who have never registered or installed the online multiplayer accompaniment to Metal Gear Solid 4 will be eligible for the 5000 point giveaway, and the offer closes on 16th February.

Head over to our Metal Gear Online gamepage to see what we're blabbering about.

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