Jade Raymond not doing I Am Alive

"At any level". Plus, it's first-person.

Ubisoft has told Eurogamer that "Jade Raymond is not involved in I Am Alive at any level" after reports based on a magazine preview.

Assassin's Creed producer Raymond was originally linked with the game prior to its E3 2008 reveal, but a new preview in gamesTM poured cold water on that.

Developed by Cold Fear outfit Darkworks, I Am Alive is a survival game set in Chicago in the aftermath of an unexplained earthquake. It's due out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC at an undisclosed date.

In a trailer unveiled at E3 last year, player character Adam Collins is shown facing off with desperate fellow survivors over a bottle of water.

However, senior producer Alexis Goddard told gamesTM (thanks 1UP) that the game is played from the first-person perspective - in order to heighten players' emotional reaction to set-pieces and other events.

Weapons do play a part, but apparently more for distraction. For example, you can use an empty shotgun to scare off looters. Goddard is quoted as saying "tactics, diversion, and discretion" are encouraged, and preferable to confrontation, which "will rarely be rewarded".

The ultimate goal for players is to find Adam's girlfriend, Alice, assuming she's survived.

Expect to hear more about I Am Alive now that Ubisoft's broken the seal.

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