Deus Ex: Human Revolution spotted

Listed on Lara site. Plus: new image.

Square Enix has dropped another hint about Deus Ex by way of a new teaser image, while the official newsletter page for the new Lara Croft game appears to have confirmed the "Human Revolution" subtitle.

Pull open the dropdown list for "Favourite Eidos Game" on the newsletter page and you'll see "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" listed. Thanks to EG reader Chris Capel for spotting that one.

The name has previously been mooted in connection with a trademark but Eidos - these days an imprint of mother publisher Square Enix - has yet to confirm it publicly.

Something that is official, however, is a picture of a thumb on a metal lighter on the Eidos forum. Make what you will of that.


The Revolution will be screenshotted.

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