Deus Ex 3 subtitled Human Revolution?

Square Enix trademark suggests so.

Square Enix (owner of Eidos) has applied for a Deus Ex: Human Revolution trademark here in Europe.

Could this be the name of Deus Ex 3, the prequel in development at Eidos Montreal?

The filing - made on 5th February and spotted by Siliconera - doesn't say.

We've not seen anything of Deus Ex 3 other than a teaser cinematic so far, although we've heard a bit about it. We know we'll play a private investigator called Adam Jensen, we know there will be biomods, and we know there will be cover-based stealth and customisable weaponry and armour.

And we know that the Tomb Raider Legend engine is underpinning the adventure, based in a world that Eidos Montreal wants to be as immediately captivating as BioShock.

Deus Ex 3 is in development for PC and "next-gen" consoles, which presumably means PS3 and Xbox 360. There's no release date yet.

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