Dead Rising 2 features multiplayer

With up to 6000 zombies on-screen.

During a Dead Rising 2 session at GDC last week, Capcom quietly and perhaps accidentally revealed that the zombie hack-'em-up will include multiplayer.

According to IGN, one of the product managers on development software Mental Mill said that the technology allowed for players to see as many as 6000 characters on-screen during multiplayer.

What form multiplayer would take remains a mystery, but we're guessing the 6000 characters aren't all other players, so let's assume that whatever does go down will take as much advantage of the series' sea-of-zombies foundation as anything.

We're expecting to find out more about Dead Rising 2 in the next month or so, but for now we know that it's set two years after the first game in the Las Vegas-esque Fortune City, as the zombie virus that engulfed the Willamette Mall has spread across the country.

Publisher Capcom also released a teaser trailer and screenshots, and said to expect the game on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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