Arms is getting another big update, and another new fighter

Achievements! Robots! A hot new tune!

Arms, Nintendo's wonderful brawler which I'll keep mentioning until everyone's given it a fair shot, is getting another big new update, with a trailer that dropped during the weekend's Nintendo World Championships giving us a look at some fresh new features.

The headline, no doubt, is the addition of achievement-like 'badges' for milestones such as earning 1000 in-game coins, winning your first Grand Prix match and fighting 50 times with a set character. Will they take into account all you've done in Arms so far and retroactively unlock? Here's hoping so.

Version 3.2 - as it's called - looks like it'll also introduce a new character in the form of a Mecha Spring Man, whose appearance is teased briefly at the end of the trailer.

More pertinently, there's an amazing remix of the Arms' theme tune that soundtracks the trailer, and a questionable crash zoom to Twintelle's behind.

We don't know when exactly Arms v3.2 will launch beyond the fairly vague 'later this month', but given Nintendo's previous track record it should follow soon after the reveal.

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