Inside every Xbox One X is a tiny Master Chief riding a scorpion

Mendicant BIOS.

There's a tiny Master Chief riding a scorpion inside every Xbox One X - but you won't get to see it unless you're comfortable voiding your warranty.

Spanish technology YouTube channel Unocero spotted the motif embossed on the console's board.


Chief is riding an image of an actual scorpion in the etching, as opposed to a Scorpion tank from the Halo series. It's a cool nod to the Xbox One X's codename - Project Scorpio.

This isn't the first time Microsoft's included a little Easter egg in an Xbox. There's a tiny Master Chief inside each Xbox One S, too. You can check it out in the video below.

On a more serious note, there's some pretty powerful hardware inside the Xbox One X. Here's more from Digital Foundry.

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