Zero Suit Samus is a great fit for Street Fighter 5

Mod makers are at it again.

Ever wondered what Metroid star Samus Aran would look like in Street Fighter 5? Of course you have. Well, wonder no longer.

Mod maker Khaledantar666 used the Cammy character model as the basis for his Zero Suit Samus design, and it's a great fit.

There are two variants to the Samus Zero Suit model in Street Fighter 5: variant one is the suit and gears, with some of the 17 colours inspired by Super Smash Bros. Wii U, and variant two is the suit only, with the same 17 colours.

Khaledantar666 has locked the mod behind temporary Patreon exclusivity, so if you want to download it for use with the PC version of Street Fighter 5, you'll need to send over some cash.

There are loads of character mods for Street Fighter 5, including those for Overwatch characters. There's also a mod to make loading times faster.

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