Mass Effect Andromeda trailer showcases new aliens, another squadmate

Cora, would you look at that.

Mass Effect Andromeda's new angara race are shown in detail within the game's new cinematic trailer.

The video does a good job of bringing together all the elements of Mass Effect Andromeda we know so far: you're on a mission to a fresh galaxy to find a new home for humanity, there's an antagonistic race (the kett) lead by a chap named the Archon, and you will of course be able to romance (and snog) your crewmates.

Sounds like Mass Effect to us.

Previously only glimpsed in gameplay videos, the angara are shown here close-up - they look a bit like Star Wars' Twi'lek crossed with Avatar's Na'vi.


Garrus' eyepiece made it to Andromeda, too.

Finally, we get our proper introduction to human squadmate Cora. She's got cool hair.


Liam and Cora. He has cool hair too.

Your new salarian pilot, Kalo Jath, gets his debut too.


They used to eat flies.

The trailer gives us a nice group shot of squadmates shown so far. Female turian Vetra is missing, and BioWare has said we'll get an Andromedan, too.


Peebee, Liam, Ryder, Cora, Drack.

Mass Effect: Andromeda's official Initiative website has another new video detailing your human team and your father, Alec Ryder (aka Clancy Brown), who voices the above trailer.

There's also mention of a Dr. Elen Ryder, who helped Alec design your new AI helper SAM. Could this be the mysterious mother of protagonists Scott/Sara Ryder?

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