We visit 50 No Man's Sky planets in seven minutes

A whole new world.

Players are taking their first steps in No Man's Sky - with that massive day one patch installed - and reporting back on their findings.

So, how do the game's near-infinite number of worlds shape up? Are they different enough? Are they unique? Are they just palette swaps of different coloured grass?

We've restarted the game a whopping 50 times to see for ourselves. Our findings lie below.

Included in the video are icy words, poisonous worlds, burning hot worlds and some very odd-looking creatures.

All are starting planets, however - examples of useful worlds which the game will set you down upon once you first switch it on. There may be far less hospitable areas out there waiting to be discovered, then, but as a selection of the variety on offer just at the game's very beginning - it's already pretty impressive. Here's Chris:

If you're looking for a little help getting started, meanwhile, then do take a look at our suggestions for what to do first in No Man's Sky.

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