Video: See Street Fighter 5's all-new character Rashid in action

Plus, the game's greatest mystery goes unanswered.

Earlier this week, Capcom revealed an all-new character for its PC and PS4 fighter Street Fighter 4, and we've just had a chance to play as him.

Rashid hails from the Middle East, leans on parkour for his moveset and is, all told, pretty handy. Capcom's Matt Dahlgren gave us a run-down of the character, which you can see below.

What Dahlgren wasn't able to do, however, was shed any light on Street Fighter 5's biggest mystery: just what exactly is the animal that's at the centre of the waterfall stage? On first glance it looks like a sheep, but having spent the best part of a weekend during the recent beta starting at its strange features I think that's not the whole story. Wes and I got together late last month to talk about that and other pressing questions about Street Fighter 5.

Elsewhere, a new character is set to be revealed for Street Fighter 5 shortly on the Tokyo Game Show floor. We'll keep you updated.

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