Bugbear cancels failing Next Car Game Kickstarter

Still "hell-bent" on reaching Finnish line.

FlatOut creator Bugbear Entertainment has canned the Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming Next Car Game project.

The PC racing title had raised $81,772 of its $350,000 target with around a week left remaining on the project's clock.

"Although our Kickstarter campaign has attracted tremendous enthusiasm, during the last couple of weeks it's become obvious that we are not going to meet our goal," a spokesperson wrote.

"We Finns are not used to giving up so easily, and we are hell-bent to keep on developing the game with our supporters, shaping it into something that no racing game fan can afford to pass."

Bugbear is now focusing its efforts on a pre-order campaign for the game, and offering a "playable technology sneak peek" to anyone who puts their money down early.

You'll get to try out a "playground" used internally to test cars and features such as environmental destruction. 24 vehicles are included for you to smash up.

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