Beyond: Two Souls has a touch-controlled co-op mode

Play through the entire game using a tablet/smartphone.

PlayStation 3-exclusive Beyond: Two Souls will include a co-operative Dual Mode, developer Quantic Dream has announced.

A second player will use a connected smartphone or tablet to take control of Aiden, the ghostly presence that accompanies Ellen Page's character Jodie.

Beyond creator David Cage announced the addition today at Gamescom 2013 (thanks, Polygon).

You'll be able to use an iOS or Android device to control the game in single-player, too. An official app will connect to your PlayStation 3 and re-create all of the game's actions as touchscreen gestures.

It also means that two players could play together, both on smartphones or tablets.

But play is limited to controlling one character at a time. Even in Dual Mode, players will take it in turns to control one of the characters, meaning the game's pace is maintained however many people are playing.

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