Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons dated this month for PS3 and PC

O brother, where art- oh wait. There you are!

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Starbreeze's audacious fable about the importance of family and rope ladders - is heading to PS3 and PC (via Steam) on 28th August, publisher 505 Games has announced.

It will cost $14.99 (about Ł10) on both platforms.

Curiously, Brothers just came out today on Xbox Live where it's kicked off Microsoft's Summer of Arcade lineup. It certainly isn't staying exclusive for long then, with an only three week break between platforms.

Our Dan Whitehead came away from Brothers completely won over by some mysterious spoiler-heavy event that even I've refrained from reading about. "The game as a whole is lacking in substance and rough around the edges, but Brothers' fantastic ending makes it a triumph all the same," he said in his ultimately glowing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review.

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