Saint's Row 4 dev walkthrough shows off six minutes of gameplay

Dubstep gun, mechs, aliens and super powers.

A six minutes developer walkthrough of Saint's Row 4 has emerged, showing off the loads of new content in Volition's bats*** insane sequel.

Volition senior producer Jim Boone takes us through several of Saint's Row 4's new additions including an electricity gun that plays dubstep and shoots in sync to the tune, a ray that inflates characters' body parts until they pop, a mech you can hop into, and new weapon upgrades and skins. Oh, and there are aliens, too.

Additionally, your character, the gang leader-cum-president of the United States, has super powers like super speed, leaping over buildings in a single bound, gliding, telekinesis and freezing objects.

Saint's Row 4 launches on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in Europe on 23rd August and in North America on 20th August.

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